Dick Houlihan, Jeramee Lille, Crystal Serydynski and Mike Cavallaro win final Saturday features.


Kevin Folan started on the pole, and led the first 30 laps of the 40 lap Pro Stock feature. Mike Mitchell, Dave Silvia and then Ken Spencer all took turns trying to hunt down the Pro Stock sophomore. At the halfway point, Folan had a 4 car length lead over Spencer, Mike Brightman, Tom Scully Jr and Ryan Vanasse.

The first caution came out on lap 30, when Bob Hussey and Daryl Stampfl got together. From there, the lead was about the place that no one wanted to be. On the restart, contact between Brightman and Folan sent the 17 around, and Brightman to the pits. Dave Darling and Tom Scully Jr were involved as well.

Spencer and Vanasse battled for the lead on the restart, and Spencer lost the back end and spun, bringing out the caution.

Vanasse set the pace through a handful of additional cautions, but under a lap 38 caution, a leaking tire sent Vanasse to the pits, handing the lead over to Dick Houlihan. The former 2 time champion held on to win with Dave Silvia second, Kevin Folan, Dave Darling and Rick Martin third, fourth and fifth.

1) Dick Houlihan 2) Dave Silvia 3) Kevin Folan 4) Dave Darling 5) Rick Martin 6) Ken Spencer 7) Daryl Stampfl 8) Mike Mitchell 9) Ryan Vanasse 10) Bob Hussey 11) Dave Hutchins Sr 12) Bill Antonellis 13) Bobby Tripp 14) Tom Scully Jr 15) Frank Duquette 16) Fred Astle 17) Mike Brightman 18) Tom Scully Sr19) Craig Weinstein 20) Bobby Pelland III 21) 22) 23) 24)

Jeramee Lille survived a wild 30 lap Late Model main event to pick up his third win of the season. Mark Hudson set the early pace, including through the first two cautions of the feature, one involving 2013 LM Champion Gerry DeGasparre Jr. After the lap four restart, Brandon Dion, using the outside lane, moved past to take over the top spot.

Dion held the lead until Dillon Moltz moved past on a lap 12 restart, but his lead would only last a handful of laps, as he fell victim to a throttle issue on lap 21. This handed the lead over to Bill Bernard, who had made his way through the pack. Bernard seemed poised to pick up the victory until fuel issues forced him from the lead on the 27th circuit.

On the Green-white-checkered finish, Lillie was able to move past Dion, who inherited the lead when Bobby Pelland and DeGasparre tangled for the second time of the night. Lille held on for the win with Dion second. Ryan Lineham, Charlie Rose and Mark Hudson were third through fifth.

With his sixth place finish, Gerry DeGasparre made history, becoming the first driver to win 7 championships in the 68 year history of the speedway, all with his family team.

1) Jeramee Lillie 2) Brandon Dion 3) Ryan Lineham 4) Charlie Rose 5) Mark Hudson 6) Gerry DeGasparre Jr 7) Vinny Arrenegado 8) Scott Dion 9) Bob O’Connell 10) Bill Bernard 11) Bobby Pelland III 12) Dave Hutchins Jr 13) Dillon Moltz 14) Dillon Estrella 15) Roland Wheeler 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24)

Crystal Serydynski picked up her third win of the season in the 25 lap Street Stock feature, but it wasn’t enough to overtake Scott Bruneau for the 2013 crown. Randy Moretti set the pace early over Craig Pianka, then Manny Dias before the first caution came out on lap 8 for Steve Potter. On the restart, Crystal moved past Dias for second, and followed Moretti until the second caution came out on lap 12.

Crystal out-dueled Moretti for the lead on the restart, with Gannon moving to second before the final caution came out on lap 14. Gannon put pressure on the contender, but didn’t have enough to overtake her for the win. Moretti held on for a career best 3rd, with Ray Lovelace and Scott Serydynski rounding out the top five.

Scott Bruneau was caught up in traffic for the 25 lap feature, and just missed getting caught up in the lap 14 caution. In the end, he came home 11th, hanging on by 6 points for the championship.

1) Crystal Serydynski 2) Ed Gannon III 3) Randy Moretti 4) Ray Lovelace 5) Scott Serydynski 6) John Hanafin 7) Manny Dias 8) Bob Bettencourt Jr 9) Ryan Lineham 10) Paul Lallier 11) Scott Bruneau 12) Craig Pianka 13) Chris DeMoura 14) Vinny Pangelinan 15) Steve Potter 16) Tim Eaton 17) Ray Negley 18) Joe Melberg 19) Daryl Perry 20) Ian Savard 21) A J Solomon 22) Dave Smith 23) Glen Tavares 24) John Carpenter 25) Austin Blais 26) Gerard Berthelette 27) Corey Fanning 28) Bob Henry

Mike Cavallaro and Rick Martin slid into the first corner just after the checkered flag dropped in a thrilling finish to the 25 lap Sport Truck feature. Lenny Guy set the pace for a handful of laps before Darryl Church took over at the top and led until he fell out with electronic issues on the 14th lap. This handed the lead back over the Guy, who led the field down to a lap 15 restart after Nick Uhrig spun while running second.

Rick Martin took over the lead on the 16th circuit with Mike Cavallaro moving to second just as Guy spun. Lenny was able to keep going. Martin led Cavallaro over the final several laps, with the 5 time truck champion pressuring Martin high and low. On the final lap, Cavallaro got up next to Martin and the pair raced off of turn 4, trading paint and see sawing on the steering wheels. Cavallaro edged Martin by .006 at the checkered, with the pair sliding sideways into the first corner.

John Paiva came home fifth, clinching his first championship in the Sport Trucks.

1) Mike Cavallaro 2) Rick Martin 3) Scott Dion 4) Rob Murphy 5) John Paiva 6) Mike Duarte 7) Chase Belcher 8) Taylor Therrien 9) Lenny Guy 10) Chris Lima 11) Dan Leach 12) Nick Uhrig 13) Russ Borges 14) Anna Gregoire 15) Joey Wakefield 16) Bob Rainville 17) Jim Hawkins 18) Darryl Church 19) Billy Clarke 20) Bill Schoeler

Author: Walter Johnston

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